Month: December 2018

I was wrong.

This post is unapologetically me, triggering and sweary, sorry not sorry. If you’re striving for something you believe you’re not, it hurts and it’s probably counterproductive. I didn’t think I was good. I got really ill and was broken down to nothing, so every effort I made to do better,


Today I had lunch with a wonderful woman who remained me how far I have come & believes where I am going is exactly where I should be going. #MyVillage 💛⠀ I try to say this little phrase every morning when my feet touch the ground. I am enough. 💛


Feeling quite proud to have my words in amongst all of these exciting ideas in this journal. A lot of work behind the senses went into it but it’s creators and it shows. Ace issue, go check it out MAI : Feminism & Visual Culture

Small talk & Networking

#norwich #networking The Orchard is a fantastic center for creative therapies that recently celebrated 2 years of being out there in the world. I’m please to announce that I’ll be doing a short talk at their festive networking event next week. Book free tickets HERE

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