This crisis isn’t real…

The world is not ok. The art market/world is a tax scam and women in gallery’s and collections are to few and sell for 10 times less than their male counterparts.

So what’s the point in even trying?

Do I keep on trying to make a living from my work? Making only when I feel the urge is important, I don’t believe a strick creative routine is productive for everyone. I make what I want to make, when I want to make it. I’m an art brat. Sometimes I have to make ugly stuff. More often than not it’s the ugly stuff, stuff that doesn’t sell so well.

Why try to sell it? Why not make stuff that will sell? Hush your dirty mouth, I’m not selling out. I do make pretty things. But I NEED to make the ugly and I think I need to put it out in the world because I know for a fact someone else’s ugly will feel less some and unbearable if they see mine. It’s just how it is. This isn’t a real crisis, it’s just a frustrating reoccurring moment in a long string of moments.

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