Month: March 2019

CPD Evening

Building a Village-workshop. At The Orchard Norwich.

No tech Tuesdays

#notechtuesday đŸ˜² A while back, as a family we went to a workshop by the very interesting chap @PaulJungo it helped introduce ideas that are sometimes better heard from someone else, “erk, whatever, no way!” is a standard reaction to the idea of putting in more tech boundaries in. We’ve

Conference Comedown

Post Nor(Dev):Con 2019 The past week I have done the bare minimum, by which I mean I have washed and eaten regularly enough, seen some faces that I feel comfortable seeing when not at my best and put the majority of my effort into parenting. I have had what I

Statement Of Intent

Originally posted on I'm Prudent Collective:
Creative research – bringing mental health communities together, within curatorial practices. Actively exhibiting, creating space to safely exhibit art and experience respectfully,  maintaining a critical eye when displaying the group work. It is a growing group of makers who have accessed mental health…

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