Iconical Collage

Here’s a collection, from an ongoing joyous project. Digital drawing. Was something I never thought I’d do, there’s something about Photoshop that I don’t love, couldn’t out my finger on it but it’s not for me. In the same way PCs were difficult during college but macs were easy in uni, but iPhones are nope and androids are yay.

If I’m drawing digitally it’s in a big screen with krita or gimp. The joy, thats comes from play, it used to be in a janky app, but now I have found canva and I just keep going back to it to play. It’s just visually easy to access it’s functions.

These image are •photos of drawings •digital drawings and paintings •digital collage elements •digital minipulated drawings

Talking with writer and music friends it seems to be the throw away feel of being able to play on your phone with it. It’s the same playfulness that you might have in a note book or sketch book. It’s small and in your hand annd just there right when the urge takes you. No need to fire up the laptop or go to the studio.

joy, thats comes from play

What I have noticed is that I have forgotten so more solid ideas out of my head and documented than I might have in paper. The reference is there if I want to make a massive drawing or painting. The scale of objects and composition, bosh, done.

Don’t for one minute think that because it’s fun that the process or pieces have little value. I love these digital collages and will make them or at least a select few print to order.

In other news I haven’t been to the studio in months, I’ve been writing letters and drawing with my left hand, bought myself a 80s Sindy doll and got the spirograph out this week, my sketch book is feeling less abandoned.

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