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New Studio

Comfort I have a door that closes, windows, a little kitchen, a loo and a roof top. The most comfy sofa and its private. A completly new concept in my studio experience. Sure I could use a room at home, but I wouldn’t because I need to be able to

Curating this,


A forgotten post, late to the show. There have been fannies in what I do for decades, I dropped them while I ventured deeper into academic art establishment but it’s one of those things like the little kid in 6th sense, “I see genitals, all – the – time”. The

My Take on the Mental Health Conference July 2019

Originally posted on Living With Mental Health:
My Take on the Mental Health Conference July 2019 Hello everyone, hope you are all well today. i thought i would share with you, my thoughts about the mental health conference that took place in July this year. I took part this time.…


Just for fun. Thanks for the prompt Charli 🙌🏻 I did one of theses for forevertoofar maybe…3 years ago. The most significant updates are no Rum and the addition of a microphone for public speaking 🖤

Meds, Me & Mental Health

#MentalHealthWeek | Blog 1:3 I’ve commented on posts, talked in person about meds, made one post about meds in IG when I was pissed off but grateful for my conviction when a doctor lectured me. it occured to me recently, I’ve never written about meds, it’s been almost 4 years

No tech Tuesdays

#notechtuesday 😲 A while back, as a family we went to a workshop by the very interesting chap @PaulJungo it helped introduce ideas that are sometimes better heard from someone else, “erk, whatever, no way!” is a standard reaction to the idea of putting in more tech boundaries in. We’ve

Statement Of Intent

Originally posted on I'm Prudent Collective:
Creative research – bringing mental health communities together, within curatorial practices. Actively exhibiting, creating space to safely exhibit art and experience respectfully,  maintaining a critical eye when displaying the group work. It is a growing group of makers who have accessed mental health…


Feeling quite proud to have my words in amongst all of these exciting ideas in this journal. A lot of work behind the senses went into it but it’s creators and it shows. Ace issue, go check it out MAI : Feminism & Visual Culture

Small talk & Networking

#norwich #networking The Orchard is a fantastic center for creative therapies that recently celebrated 2 years of being out there in the world. I’m please to announce that I’ll be doing a short talk at their festive networking event next week. Book free tickets HERE

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