a short residency at


St Giles Street Norwich

16-20 September 2020

Day One


Using the space to contain a group of ideas to air out thoughts.

Geographical poignancy and the work previously in the space influenced the decision to have a significant item of clothing in the space.

Day Two

18/10/2020 – Maps, codes, Volumes and time lines.


Frying pans and Potato Peels.

That which came before 1984.

A short patchwork history of inclings and fractured truths.

Middlesborough. WW2 Intergenterational Trauma.


The Moon Spat Out her Seeds.

1984- 2014.

Chapter in this volume exsists in a sketch book draught as Working Title Goodbye Moon. Chaptrs yet to be fleshed out, Curtains and the Boglin, The Door way with Cups, Banana Split, Van Ride, Christen the House, Failed Persuasion at the Gate, Broken arm and ciggertte brun,



Chaos – All the emotions. Utter darkness and pure joy. Chapters include, When you Start Earning, He will eat his dinner, Dabble with Passive aggression, Talk from the Bog, Off You Fuck. Findng a voice.


2019- present day

Fucking Dreamy, Imprudent Collective, The Village Orchard, St Giles Odd Essay,

VOL:1-3- a time line

Day Three


to zonked for words to be wordy

Day four


Day five


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